Brief break in transmission

A small side note, apologising for the break in service in F1 race reports for Barcelona and Monaco. This was due to having too much on in the motor sports field in May, with Monaco in particular coinciding with both the Indianapolis 500 and the Coca-Cola 600 NASCAR race in the US that I was covering for which left me reeling trying to keep up.

Something had to give, and alas it has to be the F1 race reports. ON one hand I hope it didn’t inconvenience you, but on the other I rather hope you missed them!

Certainly Monaco wasn’t missed due to lack of interest, or absence of anything to write about. Monaco is my favourite Grand Prix of the year and we were spoilt for choice with the amount of action we had. I came away from that thinking that GPs just didn’t come any better – but now I’ve just written up the Canadian Grand Prix, and what an absolutely extraordinary event that turned out to be!

Monaco wasn’t only eventful for the on-track action – there’s also the small matter of Lewis Hamilton’s ill-fated post-race “joke” and his outburst about being constantly in the stewards’ office. It’s something that will have repercussions, but most worryingly it’s Hamilton’s own state of mind that it calls must urgently into focus – as was proved by his actions in the opening laps in Montreal. This, I suspect, is a story that will run and run in 2011.

And hopefully I’ll be back to regular service from here on to cover it all.


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