A slumbering blog

Well, I intended to be a little more artful in putting this blog into hibernation than simply stopping posting in it back in July. Apologies for anyone who might have been a regular reader and who was left high and dry by the sudden cessation of race reports. Stats suggest that there weren’t all that many of you, to be honest, which makes those who were incredible special to me – thank you for your support.

Truth is, those race reports have continued (for IndyCar, GP2 and NASCAR) ever since – I haven’t missed a single one – but instead of double posting them, I’ve just concentrated on having them in their primary source over at the motorsport website crash.net.

So, please do check out the IndyCar race reports section for all the races since July; and similarly, for the reainder of full season coverage in the equivalent GP2 race reports and NASCAR race reports sections.

The advantage of concentrating everything over at crash.net is that I’ve been able to produce many more articles as a result, both from an ongoing news sense and also the occasional feature, so there’s a whole lot more over there in the , GP2 and NASCAR sections than I was ever able to post here. I hope you’ll check it out sometime.

In particular, one of the articles I was most proud of – in spite of, and in many ways because of how difficult and painful it was to write – is the article I wrote two days after Dan Wheldon was killed at Las Vegas, explaining as best as I could the circumstances that had conspired to produce that dreadful day. I hope that the end piece it did a wonderful driver (and an even more special individual) some small amount of due justice and credit.

If he had not himself been involved, Dan would have been the first person to remind us all that life goes on, and that drivers do what they do for the love of the sport. As sad and as tragic as such events are, he would want nothing more than to see motor racing continue and grow stronger; and so we move on, look to 2012 for a new beginning, while not forgetting for a minute the past and the sometimes terrible costs of the sport that we all love.

So if I were ever to lose the crash.net gig, I’ll return here like a shot and continue jabbering away about my favourite subject. There really is no escape from me on that score, I’m afraid. But for the meantime, please check out my work over at crash.net and let this sleeping blog catch up on some much-needed hibernation time.


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