What’s this?

This is a blog full of race reports written on a number of motorsports series, chiefly

  • Formula 1
  • GP2 (a support series to F1)
  • IndyCar
  • MotoGP (motorbikes)

Why <motorsport.ind.>

These reports were mainly written for a private forum on The WELL, an online community that’s been going since 1985. The forums there are divided into ‘official’ ones and ‘independent’ ones, the later of which have the ‘.ind’ extension. The Motorsports forum is one of these indies, and I’m the host of it.

Who am I?

My name’s Andrew, and I’m one of the volunteer hosts over at The WELL, in particular running the <motorsport.ind.> forum there.

If you want to know more about me, then check out my personal blog over at andrewlewin.wordpress.com which also links to various other ways to connect to me, from twitter to del.iciou.us. As that site’s disclaimer makes plain, this is my personal site and nothing to do with any friends, colleagues, associatons or employers.


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